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The archives (open to the public) date back to August 2004, but the list has been running for longer. I think we lost something during a migration. At the time of writing (Dec. 2014) 124 people are subscribed, nearly all women, but not exclusively.

Meet us on IRC

We meet irregularly on the /ETC channel (#etc) on the Indymedia IRC server to chat.
One can get on the channel via a browser and enter:
Or use a text chat application like Pidgin, Colloquy, mIrc, irssi to log onto the server and join the channel.
From the command-line that would be irc://

Meet us In Real Life

The most active Genderchangers are presently residing in Amsterdam, New York, Hobart, Munich, Beunos Aires, Zagreb, Linz, Graz, Brussels and so on. Chances are you'll bump into us at the CCC, FOSDEM and other non-commercial tech events.


The Genderdchangers:

- have a critical curiosity about technology.
- know stuff.
- have attitude!

We rock.
We are super cool.
We are really sexy.
We are fun.


We are women and women-identified gender minorities. We belong to various generations and speak many different languages. What we share is a desire to shape the world we live in. As activists we make conscious choices about the technology we use.


We dig deep into hardware and software to demystify them. We focus on free and open source software as a political decision. We share our technical skills in the same spirit. In this way, DIY expands into DIT: Do It Together. Things can break and it’s fun!


The Genderchangers operate on an informal, ad-hoc, D.I.Y., hands-on basis in a non-purpose-driven, non-competitive atmosphere of mutual respect. The Genderchangers act as catalyst for participant-driven events. The emphasis is on expanding skills and insights through exchange and collaboration and learning by explaining/doing. On the principle of "each one teach one", everyone who learns something through the Genderchangers is encouraged to pass their knowledge and skills on to others.


We do it because it’s cool, it’s fun, it’s creative, it’s satisfying, it’s liberating. It is part of the way we live: curious & unintimidated; disconnected & mutually supportive; isolated & exuberant; misunderstood & self-assured. Through our engagement with technology we break barriers, connect with potential allies, and spark interest in technology.


It seems safe to say that significant discovery, really creative thinking, does not occur with regard to problems about which the thinker is lukewarm. (Mary Henle)